lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

London randomness

Some of these pictures have already appeared in this blog, but I thought it worthy to do a review of the weird stuff one finds from time to time in this wonderful city.

We have, to begin with, those animal sculptures to remind you of the struggle of the Indian elephant...

Or the gorilla.

Or, in occasions, just to freak you out, like this cow in a good wine-house near Borough Market.

Protecting wild life is important, that's why so many cafés make sure their coffee is monkey-friendly

With other incentives to encourage you to come inside

After all, we all need some rest after those stressing traffic jams and problems to park your car, sometimes you just want it upside down!

But, no matter worse, in this city there will always be someone capable of fulfilling your needs

I wonder why they need a van, though...