jueves, 4 de diciembre de 2008

ETA kills... again

ETA has killed a man. And that troubles me deeply. But there's something the troubles me yet deeper, deep to a place where there's no light and almost no hope. And that being that again. This is a story we've heard too many times so far. It might start in a different point or involve different people, but the end is always the same. The same... again.

The fact that a group thinks they have the right to murder people for whichever the reason fills me with fear. But that again... That's my toughest nightmare. People get used to repetion. People tend to think about it as a routine. Conversations in bars and the like begin to sound like "A guy have been killed" "Ugh? Another one? What a world..." and everyone continous sipping their beers naturally. It's just something that happens: some days it rains, some days a man is murdered. Life's like that.

Perhaps they want us to think that since it's something that has happened for very long, why should we care? And then they will be unstoppable, all mighty. But we will never get used to that. Every action they take is a new wound in our society, a wound that doesn't heal. A wound that shouldn't be there. A wound that gives us reasons to fight even harder to put an end to this madness.

This is a battle they will not win.
On God I swear they shall not.