jueves, 6 de noviembre de 2008

Faithful again

Some would say I should have written this article earlier, that the moment has gone; I disagree. One has to wait and feel to savour all the different flavours of a situation like this, rushing wouldn't result in a properly structured article, just a puked one.

This morning, at 8:00am (GMT+1), I woke up and turned on my TV to find out about the USA elections results. Barack Obama had won. I closed my eyes. I went back in time and found myself watching meetings, speeches and debates from Obama and McCain. I saw myself commenting on this with my friends and coworkers. I went back yet farther. I saw myself in the Gaspanic, in Tokyo, talking with some American guy about the still two democrat candidates for presidential election: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. I remember in that moment I thought: a black man or a woman, two great milestones for humankind in both cases.

And I went back in time yet farther, back to the previous election, when George W. Bush was confirmed President for another four years. I have to recognise that day I lost all hope. I stopped believing in me, in you, in us all. I stopped believing in people. Mr Bush, whose government had been based on Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (that classical FUD), was chosen again by Americans to lead them. To lead the world who knows where to. I was faithless, I thought we the world, as a community, had reached our peak and were already in decadence.

But then I opened my eyes, and I saw the world around me with different lens. There was a black man presiding the United States of America. Martin Luther King's dream had come true. Abraham Lincoln proved right. Humans seemed really human for a moment.

Today I started to believe again that, whichever problem arises, humankind will fix it. Some day.