domingo, 26 de octubre de 2008


We, Muisheto and I, have been running this blog for nearly a month so far. We started this new facet of our lives with pride and excitement, and also with the desire of building not just a place to "puke" all that is rumbling inside us, but an agora where people can get opinions, feelings and thoughts that, although might not always be right, will indeed be real. Writing is purposeless if there's no one to read.

That's why we are happy to announce that this blog has already gone beyond the 100-readers barrier. During this 30 days we've received more than 200 visits and our articles have been read more than 300 times, numbers that make us think we're doing a good job here. However, this doesn't mean we can relax, but rather that we must keep on working like this in order to avoid your disappointment. You, reader, gave us your trust, and we won't betray you.

This article is owed to all readers.
Thank you.